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Finding Calm In Chaos

Finding The Calm Amongst Chaos

I’m certainly no expert when it comes to finding the calm in the chaos.

Tossing and turning is a pretty normal sleep pattern although the last few nights have been better as I implement or reduce a few things from my diet.

I’m also “trying” to respond less to the social media trolls which is a huge stress reliever. It’s a work in progress.

For me, being misrepresented is a huge trigger. Kathy and I learned during the “Dark Years of Fear” we are the second child in both our families and number two’s do NOT like to be told what to do, especially when it fails the common sense test.

I’m a big Jordan Peterson fan. A few months ago, instead of listening to music while I work out, I listen to podcasts.

Peterson is talking a lot about some of the hot button issues of our time. He brings on experts to unravel the hypocrisy, empowering his listeners to make up their own minds with facts rather than headlines.

The world will always look for the easy way out.

Acceptance is easier than soul searching.

Going along to feel good about yourself is less work than unpacking facts.

After two years of censorship I feel like the world is waking up to stupidity.

Oh, there are still plenty of folks walking around with blinders, regurgitating media and political power point rhetoric, but a group of people is rising up, refusing to be silenced, making sure the inconsistencies come out.

It’s not just politics and culture it seems every area of our lives get bombarded with tests, tests we seem to fail more than get through.

Tonight on Get Real With Rick Dancer “BS Free MD” is our guest.

Dr’s Tim and May Hindmarsh produce a podcast on medical issues and bring on guests to help challenge what we think we know.

Tonight the three of us will talk about “The Perfect Diet.”

Back to the Calm.

I’m reading in my Streams In The Desert” devotional this morning and it talks about “A Cushion of the Sea.” This is a section deep beneath the surface where wind, storms and rough sea’s never seem to reach.

The Peace of God is that Cushion for you and me. It’s an eternal calm which is far too deep to be troubled or disturbed by outside forces.

To find that “calm” takes great focus and determination.

We’re all gonna need it over the next few weeks and years in order to thrive not just survive the crazy, upside down world we find ourselves living in.

A Friend once told me “never let them rob you of your peace.”

In those eight words perhaps I will find my way closer to that cushion.

We’re in this together….Put chaos in its place.

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'When Peace, Like A River, Attendeth My Way", my friend. - M

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