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Don't Lose Your Focus

Focus On Your Calling

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I was at the eye doctor the other day getting a routine test when I thought how easy it is to lose focus.

With one click of a lens the little letters become clearer or out of focus.

Rather than wait for her to find a lens that works, my lens, I strain and push to see what I simply cannot see.

My life is like that how about you?

The older I get the more fine-tuned I need to be so I don’t get lost on details that are none of my business.

Kathy and I were mountain biking in the Big Belts recently.

I forgot how steep this particular road is filled with ruts and rocks.

They are distractions and detractors designed to get you off focus as they attempt to discourage you from taking a challenge and meeting it head on.

With a physical challenge it’s easy for me to set a goal and realize it.

I know where I need to go….I know the destination.

With life it’s harder.

Destinations change, finish lines are never finished.

(The arrow points to where we rode to. 3000 feet of climbing to get to the top)

When climbing a mountain, I never look too far ahead.

Oh, I keep the end goal in mind but I look to the next corner and tell myself I just have to make it there.

When I get around the corner, I look for another short term goal, but never lose my focus.

With my mental challenges the focus is much harder to keep.

I was reading about a fisherman who, when focused on his master, could even walk on water.

It wasn’t until he took his focus off Him and put it on the dangerous waves, the winds and the perceived ridiculousness of his goal, that he started to sink.

I woke up this morning, early, with a mental storm of waves, mishaps and potential trouble.

My thought was of failure, sinking, not making it to the top of my mountain.

I was focusing on things that are out of my control.

I fell back to sleep when I finally grasped the concept that this was not my battle to fight and I handed the rope to my master.

It is easy to compare our lives with the lives people expose online.

Everyone else looks and sounds like their lives are in such a perfect place and yet we all face challenges, our challenges, designed to help us become what God envisioned long before we were born.

Let go of the things that haunt you.

Remind yourself the rocks and ruts are passable by taking your focus off them and just a few feet ahead of where you are going…..look to the horizon.

Step out of the boat and focus on Him, not those who say you will never make it or tell you your idea is crazy.(especially when the voice is coming from your head)

You may sink from time to time but He will never allow you to drown.

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I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

The Lord is my Shepherd, I lack nothing....and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. Pslams 23

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