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Don't Look Back

Don’t Look Back

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I awoke the other morning after a dream with a new perspective about leaving.

At some point in our lives we are all called to leave something.

It may be an old habit or a bad one.

It might be leaving a friendship or relationship.

Or it might be physically leaving a place.

To leave is part of living.

My dream was about Sodom & Gomorrah two cities in Biblical times where society had dropped rock bottom.

Every perversion and sin was acceptable and, according to the story, God was fed up and ready to destroy all of it and its inhabitants.

Only one man, Lot, was without sin.

An angel came to Lot and told him to take his family and get out and not to look back.

God destroyed the city and as they were leaving Lot’s wife looked back and was destroyed.

In her case she literally looked back but for most of us I wonder that looking back isn’t as physical and more a mind game.

For me it is.

It is much harder to leave than to stay.

The change is beautiful but tough at the same time.

We spend too much time looking back and in doing so miss what’s happening right here right now.

The evil inclination puts roadblocks in place.

Change forces you to find new ways of doing things because the old ways no longer work.

As I get dressed to go to the gym I’m reminded why we left.

I’m reminded life is not an end game or a goal to be reached.

Life should be an adventure into the unknown.

In the video above is a bridge.

It’s a bridge either falling apart or coming together.

It all depends on ones perspective.

So go, find the thing that makes you come alive and do it.

And never look back.

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