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Don't Let Hate Consume, You

Don’t Allow Hate To Consume You

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Hey, I know life is frustrating right now but don't let hate consume you.

To culture what's good is bad and what was once bad is seen as good.

Change is in wind and it's starting to cause blow back and expose the truth.

People are starting to speak up and I believe this is all part of the plan, what we might call God's Great Reset.

The worst thing we can do right now is become a hater.

Hate robs you of your energy and eats you up.

Hate narrows your mind and limits your focus.

Hate blinds people placing their focus, in this case, on one man, one cause and one ideology.

I don't want be that do you?

I live in a place where the so called "enlightened thinkers" are starting to come.

Their agenda of diversity and inclusion is anything but.

No, they want to push their ideas on the rest of us but here something is different, at least right now it is.

My friends and neighbors do not live in fear.

They have this live and let live attitude and the final decision is based on what's best for the community, what make sense, not what gives you social points.

Someone wrote on my blog the other day about how bad Donald Trump was and how he alone is responsible for the divisiveness and hate in our country.

What this shows me is the blindness that follows hate.

Biden is every bit as divisive and is dividing American and his hate for anything outside his ideology is obvious, too.

As difficult as it is to stay above the fray, and we all slip and fall, please do not allow hate to stifle the progress we are making.

For too long we have been silent.

We wanted to get along and were too busy making a living and taking care of our families and communities to get all wrapped up in the agenda of the day.

Most of it seemed so crazy we thought it would never take hold, but it did and it is and it's pretty scary. (In order they have tampon machines in the boys bathroom....I'm not kidding)

But God says not to fear for fear, like hate, brings on more evil.

We must play the game but not their game a new game.

We can't back down but must remember it's not our agenda that matters either it's His (God).

What matters and protects us from slipping into hate is to look at the big picture.

What is best for the communities we live in?

We must remind ourselves that what tickle the eardrum does not always lead to the truth.

This person on my blog spoke over and over about how much he hated Trump.

I thought to myself, wow, that's a lot of anger and bitterness wrapped into one guy.

I dislike Joe Biden and what he is doing to our country.

His policies have proven to be a failure.

Many of my friends on the left and right know it.

The polls show it.

But I don't hate the man, just what he is doing or not doing more accurately.

My dad was a negotiator for the Oregon Education Association. He would go into a school board meeting and fight to the finish to get better salaries for teachers. But when he left that board room he'd go to dinner with the very people he was fighting.

That's how decent people create change.

They don't hold grudges, bully, try to discredit or backstab or censor.

All those methods are for the weak, for those whose case lacks credibility so they cheat to win.

We'll those days are coming to an end.

When hate grabs hold, all the things I just mentioned are the result.

Stand firm in what you believe but listen to the opposition and look for places to come together.

Sometimes there is no place but often it takes a relationship to unveil possibilities.

Do NOT allow hate to consume you.

The conversation is changing.

The silent are waking up.

The wind is blowing.

And the sound of the beating drums is being drown out by common sense.

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Feb 21, 2023

I am interested in reading more. Who is the writer?

Replying to

Bethany Verrett. The quote came from her article, "Why is the sin of Hatred so dangerous?" 3/18/21 in It is a fine emotional line we walk when trying to reason with folks that seethe hated and not be drawn into that hate with our response. - M


A lot of blind hate going on in our country. As I have said before, I believe blind hate is brought on by allowing Satan to cloud our vision.

"Hate is the sinful opposition to that of love. It is the driving force behind much of the wicked action people take. Sometimes it is hating others, hating a process, or hating oneself.

God’s Word has much to say on the topic, emphasizing its toxic influence, pernicious nature, and how much it hurts the Lord. It is a selfish emotion that sets man against his creator and his brethren, damaging everything it touches because it allows people to see their fellow man as not also made in the image of God;…

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