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Don't Be Afraid To Open The Door

“That Which You Most Need To Find Will Be Found Where You Least Wish to Look” Jordan Peterson

I think we all want to change.

Problem is the obstacles that keep us trapped are in places we really don’t want to go.

It’s so easy to stay the same today as we were yesterday.

Disruption of our lives means chaos.

I find something in myself, and fellow humans I talk with, despise messy.

The other night at a little bar in Townsend we met a young man in his 30’s who chooses to live in chaos.

In his 30 some years on earth this guy has been to 41 countries.

And his trips are not luxury but adventures.

He rides mini-bikes across continents or rickshaws through the wild lands of India.

He has no steady job but works to pay for his adventures.

When he gets home he simply finds another job.

We can’t all do that nor do many of us want to live a nomadic life like that but it does cause me to think how false some of my obstacles really are and how crossing them is my choice.

I see myself standing in a long hallway lined with door after door.

None of them are locked it is my choice which ones I choose to open.

Problem is each door, once opened, cannot be closed again.

Some of the doors have glass I can see through and on looking inside I see manageable things.

But the more curious doors give no vision as to what’s inside.

At 64 years of age I’ve opened many doors I wish I hadn’t. But once inside I found a way to work within the rooms freedom and its fears.

Life is not supposed to be easy, that’s a lie sold to us by media looking to sell us a dream.

If we play it too cautious we’ll get to the end of this life wondering what was behind door number 5, 7, and 12.

Why didn’t we turn the door knob?Why were we so afraid to stop knocking and simply walk in?

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1 Comment

I think a lot of those fears of opening doors to change or growth stem from who we have, or don't have, walking through life beside us and how much we trust Him. - M

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