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Does God Ever Feel Like Giving Up On Us?

God, Do You Ever Feel Like Giving Up On Us?

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I wonder if God ever tires of our stupidity.

From what I’ve read about his character He would probably call it ignorance rather than stupidity but I think humans are a bit of both.

There’s an old club in Helena called “The Montana Club.”

It used to be a huge deal.

It’s located in a beautiful, historic building in downtown Helena and last night was its last hurrah.

Kathy and I stopped in but the place was full to the brim with locals saying goodbye to a time long forgotten.

So we looked around and left.

On our way home we drove past St Helena Catholic Church. It is one of the most beautiful churches I’ve ever seen.

People were lining up outside for Good Friday Service.

I said to Kathy, “You wanna go?”

So we did.

I’m not Catholic but hey, it’s the same God I try my best to serve so what the heck.

We walked in and found a lady we go to the gym with who was alone and more than willing to walk us through the program and the ups and downs of the service.

My hamstrings and quads got quite a workout with all the kneeling and standing LOL.

As I read through the service, words popped out and reminded me of the story of what Jesus did for you and me.

I’m not a big Easter guy.

That’s another story that has to do with mixing pagan traditions with God’s traditions.

But I’m in awe of what God did for mankind and for the life of me can’t imagine why He did it.

I awoke this morning a bit disgusted with the state of our world, especially our nation.

We are so guidable as a people.

Like those in biblical times, we want kings and leaders to do life for us when God’s intention was He would do it with us.

We fall for the lies, we claim to want to help others when all we do is make “feel good” decisions that hurt the poor even more.

I know my opening line is not true, God doesn’t tire of us but understands our ignorance….and yet still He died on a cross for that stupidity.

He must have a plan.

I remind myself of that hourly.

The world is in an awful state right now and I believe God is giving us the opportunity to wake up.

Over and over in the Bible we read stories of how God used just a handful of diehard followers to change the world.

And he can do it again.

As the priests walked around the different stations in the church I heard a line Mother Teresa is reported to have said to Oregon Senator Mark Hatfield when he asked how she continued to have faith when she knew, despite her best efforts millions would still die of hunger. This amazing woman turned to Hatfield and said “Mark I was not called to save the world I was called to be faithful.”

Yes, I believe it is that simple.

We each have a role to play in this big production called life.

God does not tire of us but see’s the big picture.

He did not call us to save the world but instead to simply be faithful and fulfill our role.

What is your role?

Now is not the time for silence but the time to stand up, speak out and serve God.

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1 Comment

Mar 30

Did you see the News today? The White House announced that instead of Resurrection Day or Easter Sunday it will now be recognizing it as "Transgender Day".

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