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Discomfort Is NOT The Enemy

What if Fear of Discomfort Is The Real Enemy?

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The more I read online and spend time in some pretty heady podcast interviews, the more I wonder that our real enemy to fully living is the fear of discomfort.

No one likes to be uncomfortable but discomfort plays an important role in emotional, spiritual and physical growth.

When something new and exciting comes up we get to make choices as to how to move forward. For me, the first things to pop up in my mind are all the reasons not to do it.

Oh, and those reasons are logical, practical and sometimes warning us to precede carefully and don’t jump too soon.

Kathy and I got the bug to leave Oregon several years ago but practically speaking my business audience is mostly Oregon, the cost of moving to Montana was astronomical so leaving didn’t make sense. Finally, the cultural reaction to COVID became more uncomfortable and mentally costly, than the idea of leaving so we left.

The end of January will be one year that we left and moved here to Montana. We had no home, lived in airbnb’s, had everything we owned in a storage unit in Clyde Park Montana and didn’t know where we’d land. The journey has been amazing and terrible at the same time. The cost was great to both our comfort, our business and our security.

But here’s the thing, we are reestablishing everything, getting rid of some things, trimming ideas that need to die and reviving our sense of freedom by living a life outside of oppressive leadership. We are free and open to whatever God throws our way.

Someone made a comment on my social media asking something like why we moved to a place that is 40 minutes to an hour away from a major hospital? That question stirred these thoughts I’m putting on computer screen right now.

As human beings we overanalyze things to the point we get stuck and never move. I’m not gonna live my life in a place less adventurous over the fear of not having a hospital closer to where I live.

It’s not just the hospital we as humans will find reasons not to go on an adventure and while that can be practical, is life really practical? What are we afraid is going to happen, we make the wrong choice and have to punt?

I’m learning there are better choices and ones you wouldn’t make again but I don’t look at mishaps as mistakes, but instead steps in the journey. My only regret at this point is I wish I’d been less practical, less worried about failure and stepped off this cliff and into the unknown a long time ago.

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Dec 16, 2022

I am in agreement with you on role o discomfort-hard to embrace but important for us! Well said.

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