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Dancing With God

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Life is so unpredictable and I’m not a guy who naturally deals well with curves in the path of life.

But I’m getting better.

My mind races and is always thinking of something new, something to create, something to share or something to talk about.

It’s exhausting sometimes.

Most of the time I balance all of this stuff but I have days, when some piece of news, whispers in my ear “it’s time to be concerned.”

What I find is once I’ve practiced all my techniques to quiet my mind, my fears and the doomsday stories in my head, I do fine.

But once in a while you have those moments.

I had one the other day.

Then I pulled out a CD of a speech someone recently sent me that I did probably 10 years ago.

Funny how our past can speak into our future.

I’m gonna share a little of it with you in hopes as the next few days get crazier than imaginable, you too can snuggle with God.

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