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Crazy Oregon News

Oregonians are known for passing crazy legislation and often times it's not even paid for.

Over the past few years some ridiculous measure passed.

One basically legalizes the use of drugs, yes I mean it.

And the second is the most restrictive gun regulations in the country, oh and it's tied up in the courts because there's no money to implement it.

Anyway, with that said here's Bill Lundun with that and some other stories that will make you scratch your head

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2 comentarios

What is there to say...a communist state run by communists for communists. A far-left state which has its head so far up its arse it has to open its mouth to see daylight. Bill told it like it is...only nicer.

Me gusta
Wayne Gilbert
Wayne Gilbert
14 oct 2023
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Communists? C'mon man. Ridiculous statement(s)...

Me gusta
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