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Comfortable with Discomfort

Comfort with Discomfort

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Last week we were floating the Missouri River with my son, the fishing guide, and he said “the key to fishing is understanding how lazy fish are and then capitalizing on that.”

It struck me that humans aren’t that much different. We become disenchanted with politicians and leaders when they don’t come through on their promises to make our lives better, easier and more comfortable.

Years ago, when I was a news anchor, I interviewed a philosophy professor who said something that stuck with me until this day. I asked the secret to life and he said “Rick, the secret to life is learning to be comfortable with discomfort.”

It’s no wonder we are enamored with comfort. Every add, every drug on the market, buying that new car, is all designed to tap into that desire for ease.

I heard an ad on the radio the other day that told me “I deserve comfort.” Deserve it….it’s like a human right now….isn’t everything. LOL

It is no wonder we are in the dark place we are in right now. It hasn’t been that long ago that many American’s used an outhouse and carried water from a well. My mom remembers going to town in a horse and buggy.

In the big picture we’ve come a long way in 100 plus years. But what is the cost.

But the cost of that evolution is grit. We as a nation seem to have lost our ability to roll up our sleeves, dig deep and work not just for our own good but the good of our society. Our search for comfort is creating a narcissism that is devouring our nation from the inside out.

I wonder that the whole COVID debacle is turning out to be a giant restart for many of us. It opened our eyes to tyranny that often accompanies darkness. They grabbed for power and we gave it to them out of fear and the desire to “get back to normal.” (comfort)

I find myself thanking God for something that still makes me cringe and very uncomfortable. He backed society into a corner, put a mirror up to our face, and showed us how easily fooled we can be and what we are willing to give up for a false sense of comfort. (freedom)

The picture attached to this article says everything to me. Like the hawk we must be vigilant and keep watch for the next cultural fumble. But like the farmer in the background, we must also get back to work rebuilding our way of life.

We must reignite our ability to be comfortable with discomfort.

It starts by having difficult conversations about what we did wrong and what we are willing to do not to repeat this moment in history.

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