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Come on, pick up the pace

Push Yourself Or You Become Stale.

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As someone who works out a lot I know how easy it is to become stale.

Our bodies are amazing when it comes to adaptation.

We perform an exercise a few times and it becomes easy, unless we push.

I see people on the stair masters and elliptical machines just spending time not really working out.

I don’t know how long ago it was that Kathy and I started doing a High Intensity Training class.

In that class I’ve learned how to push my body far beyond what is comfortable and I’m seeing gains.

Not just physical gains but mental and endurance abilities I never knew I had before.

The same idea can be transferred to our home, work and play life.

As I’m writing this I’m pointing my finger at myself.

I go to work sometimes and like the people on the treadmill I’m just doing exercise to say I did it.

I need to remind myself that every workout, every video, every interaction is part of this thing we call life.

I don’t have time or the years left to wallow through life.

Try something new today.

Pick up a weight, kick up the speed on the bike, run just a little harder and see what happens.

At first your body will scream and say “Stop, do what we were doing.”

But you know your body is lying to you.

This is the head game we have to play to create change.

Whether at the gym, work or at home…step it up.

Try something different.

Do something that scares you or makes you wonder if you can really get away with it.

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Wayne Gilbert
Wayne Gilbert
25 de out. de 2023

I find that when I get really tired while riding my bike and push on, I get a second wind...

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