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Clearing the Air

OH My, What Have We Done?

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The news this morning about our current president is no surprise to some of us and is a final straw for many.

Even the Chicken Noodle News (CNN) is calling it the best day for Trump so far.

It’s sad how easily many in our country allowed fear of one man to elect a man like Joe Biden to the most important office in our country.

Many of the things you swore Trump would do, your president has done.

We are worse off now than under Trump.

Oh, you can tout “Biden twisted numbers” but ask real experts and the roll in their eyes says it all.

Biden played you like a fiddle and the media worked as his amplifier.

Now you’ve got two men running for the office.

One, the one you hate, is being tried while the other one, with similar issues, gets off because he’s too old and his memory too bad to take him to trial.

But you elected him president and will probably still vote for him if he happens to make it to the finish line.

You elected a vice president who is a joke.

Even you know it.

Now you’re stuck because you elected her for her race to fill a space and if your man doesn’t make it we get her.

Shame on you for what you’ve done to America.

I know, you didn’t expect this to happen but that’s why the system was set up the way it is.

You call yourself progressive but truthfully you are the exact opposite.

Your regressive stands have put us on the edge of a third world war, something you said Trump would do.

But he, unlike your leader, kept world peace.

Your man left us vulnerable and standing on the brink with our pants down.

Your “Guy” opened the borders and under his watch MILLIONS of illegal immigrants have flooded our country.

We don’t have the money to take care of our own poor but you’re okay with Biden using our tax dollars to help strangers while doing nothing for our own people

That’s deplorable.

Truth sets people free and it’s FINALLY starting to come out.

But many of you will dig your heels in and continue to fear the Orange man.

Hate is ugly and dangerous.

You used to preach against it but have become the sum of it.

The hate you claimed to want to stop you actually cultivated, manipulated and use it to attack your enemies.

Some of you will see your mistake and change your ways.

Thank you.

This is all of us who are being hurt by stubborn arrogance.

As for the rest of you, lies only last so long.

And this one is coming to a head.

You and your one-sided political bullshit is going to do what you fear the most.

Your cheating heart is going to elect the man you fear the most.

The rest of us just want someone who can run the country fair and square.

We aren’t MAGA Republicans, although for the life of me I can’t figure out why you hate America so much that you don’t want to Make America Great Again.

Sidenote: You’re doing a hell of a job of doing the complete opposite.

But that’s your issue not mine.

So here we go.

This is far from over.

If we on the researchers end of all of this know one thing…’s the power of hate, fear and arrogance that dies slowly.

But I think much of America is tired and ready for the truth.

Another Side Note: It's sad social media continues to fart around with censorship. Anytime I write anything like this they pull it or throttle it.

So please share it so others can understand.


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תגובה אחת

AT LAST! You and about four others are really taking off the gloves. For my part, I pray pray pray. And I vote.

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