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Class On The Oregon Coast

Class On The Oregon Coast

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Our son turned 36, I know I’m too young to have a 36 year old son, I agree, but it’s a fact.

He and his wife Grace are “Foodies”.

Finding a GREAT place to eat on the Oregon Coast is not easy.

I’m not saying you can’t find good food I’m simply saying the coast is not known for over the top restaurants.

Ah, but we found one.

A few years ago Kathy and I stumbled upon “The Side Door Cafe & Eden Hall.”

It’s a beautiful, classy restaurant where you can have everything from Fresh Halibut over mushroom ravioli to a great burger.

Jake isn’t hard to please….well actually yes he is.

He likes good food.

We had an over the top meal and our server was amazing.

I saw a family across the room staring at me.

I’m not used to that sort of thing anymore so wondered if I had a booger on my nose but when they smiled, said my name I knew they must be former television news watchers.

The two women sitting next to us talked us into the coconut cream pie for desert.

I’m telling you the whole meal was a delight.

Kathy and I don’t eat fancy very often and what we love about the Side Door Cafe is it’s warm, cozy and a little fancy without the snotty.

If you are driving down the Oregon Coast and feel like having a night out, we highly recommend this place. It’s located off the beaten path, not far off 101, near Sahlishan Coastal Lodge.

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