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Change In The Air

Change In The Air

It’s interesting how nature seems to know when things are about to change.

I shot the video of the bee’s scrambling for some last minute pollen in the 70 degree sunshine yesterday.

This morning woke up to a windy, rainy, stormy morning.

We humans get too wrapped up in other things and miss warning signs. We get so wrapped up in minutia we miss subtle reminders.

Our internet went out last night. Apparently a major fiber optic line in Denver went off grid. We had basic service on our phones but I thought to myself: “There’s a subtle warning in this crazy world we live in, all someone has to do is hit the power grid and we are toast.”

There is plenty to be uneasy about right now. There’s no need making a list you know what I’m talking about.

But in the midst of all this a reality check. A wonderful woman on my podcast last night talking about a terminal diagnosis and the fight she’s preparing to do to save her life.

On stormy days and in times when hope isn’t found easily we must remind ourselves of the strong people, the good people and like the bee’s, store up as much as we can to last us through the next few months when things get cold, people get more on edge and the world screams to try and get our attention.

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T and I have always been back-to-basics types, both of us having grown up with Agriculture backgrounds in rural areas. God reminds us that there are times, or seasons if you will, for everything under the sun and using common sense prepping for natural and un-natural events is part of that. Knowing and caring about the lives of your neighbors......having a sense of community is also part of that. - M


Many of us probably have been raised to "plan for a rainy day", prepare for the future, preserve foods, etc. I'm so thankful that God also has shown us how to prepare for the eternal future. That, in my mind, is the supreme "change' that's coming...

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