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Boundaries Lead To Paradise

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I heard a podcast this morning that blew me away.

It opened my eyes to something I hadn't considered before.

The word paradise actually means "garden surrounded by walls."

So if you think that out a bit it could mean you won't find paradise without boundaries.

We live in a world that hates boundaries, unless those restrictions alighn with your personal ideology.

We have kids failing in schools, an education system that's in the toilet and about to be flushed and then you have this woman (in the podcast link above) who has brought back a strict form of education and while the old system turns out more failures, hers is doing the opposite.

For me this is more than education.

This is about all aspects of life.

I hope you listen and get as much out of this 90 minutes as I did.

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1 Comment

The supreme paradise is real, and it

also has a wall around it...I once heard a speaker say that this paradise has been measured, in fact, and has a perfectly squared wall measuring 1500 miles long by 1500 miles wide by two matching those, plus it measures 1500 square miles high...and it is walled and beautifully gated by gates of gold and pearls...(do you know where I'm going here?). But the gates never close. And there is the most perfect and beautiful garden in it, with a river running through it, magnificent trees with leaves that are healthful and medicinal...and a guy named John was given a personal tour of this place in a vision he had..........

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