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Blinded By Propaganda

Can’t They See They Are Repeating History?

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I never thought I’d see the day when people in this country were openly anti-semitic.

The ignorance of people to hate America is not shocking to me, I worked in news for almost 30 years, I get how some blame a country, for their problems.

But to out and out show hatred towards the Jewish people blows my mind.

In Eugene, many times, the local temples were vandalized and the whole city was in an uproar, rightfully so.

We remembered what happened with Hitler and shunned anyone who hated the Jews.

In fact, the Jewish people were right up there in terms of rights with black American’s and those in the gay community.

When I hear my Jewish friends in fear for their lives I scratch my head and say “where are all my liberal friends who used to see this as deplorable?”

Did they sell their soul to the devil because public opinion matters more than TRULY standing up for a group of people when it’s not POPULAR?

What grosses me out is these finger in the wind people have only double standards or they’d have no standards at all.

They don’t believe in right or wrong just whatever will keep them in the good graces of the cultural gods as they lust for a place at the virtue signaling of the history books.

Remember when we looked at the holocaust and thought “how could people be so stupid?”

Now we know.

We watched during COVID as the lap-lickers jumped inline to show everyone how “Caring” they were when in fact it was all self-indulgence and fear that made them cancel their neighbors and mask their face so no one would know it was them who called the cops.

Shame on you, shame on us, shame on a society that fails to dig a bit more and whose narcissistic whore cares little about what it said in the past and only about how it looks in the plastic mirror it holds up.

History will remember.

You will be seen as a fool.

Don’t expect the rest of us to come along for the ride.

You are on your own.

The grave you dig, is your own.

As for the rest of us, don’t fall for their lies, their canceling techniques or ignorance.

Shake off your sandals, speak out and move on.

Hamas is the enemy here and no matter what the propaganda pushes, stand against the violence of October 7th.

It matters.

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Holy cow. Nothing says "respecting Jewish people" like comparing the Holocaust to wearing masks during COVID.

Replying to

"Trying to spin it" is asking a person to pick between Israel and Hamas. I side with the children in this situation, both the dozens of Israeli children killed in the terror attack of 10/07 and the tens of thousands of Gazan children who have died or been injured since. Is a 10 year old dead Gazan child Hamas? Is a Palestinian mother who miscarries due to a lack of healthcare Hamas? Hell, the 30-year-old women and men in this region have never even been allowed to choose their form of government as Hamas canceled all elections back in 2006; they have been suffering under this militant group as well.

Antisemitism is real and should be condemned by all sides,…

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