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Biden: Get Our People Out!

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Come On Biden, Get Our People Out!

I read online this morning where other countries are working quickly to get their citizens out of Israel while it seems our president is dragging his feet.

Is this going to be Afghanistan all over again?

Yesterday I spoke with a group of folks from Eugene Oregon who are stuck in Israel.

A few hours after the conversation they were sent to a bomb shelter for an hour but then let out.

To find more of that interview go to

We as a nation need to pull our heads out of the sand.

We have a guy and his administration in charge that are not in charge.

We’ve allowed this administration to get away with lies, empty soundbites and other non-sense but now is the time we need true leadership.

I hear groups like Black Lives Matter and Harvard University and too many others coming out in support of Palestine and speaking against Israel.

Now is not the time for politics it’s time we call out the real enemy.

The real enemy is Hamas and the mass killings.

Don’t use this human tragedy to push your political views and try to look so virtuous. You make me sick to my stomach.

Yes there are conflicts between these two groups of people…that’s been going on for thousands of years.

And no matter where you side, this mass murder is not the answer and if you think it’s okay there’s something wrong with you.

What’s happening now is one religious cult of evil, using this opportunity to try to wipe out a group of people and NONE of us should be okay with that.

I heard a protest in California and people were chanting “kill the Jews.”


How did we get here?

The guy at the helm of our ship is more concerned with personal pronouns and the climate situation than he is foreign relations.

America used to be a super power that helped keep peace in the world.

Now, we’re a joke.

No one respects us.

We keep giving the funders of this war money how about stopping that Joe?

You can’t fix stupid but you can pray to God that His hand would bring us a leader who can do the job.

We can pray for the people of the region, Israelis and Palestinians.

And pray against the evil of Hamas and the destruction is has done and what it plans to do in the future.

It’s time to wake up America.

Let’s get our priorities straight and stop being so ignorant self-righteous.

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