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Beyond The Headlines, The Hidden Truth

Beyond The Headlines: The Hidden Truth

"The Truth About Timber"

It is so easy to draw conclusions and judgements based on what we’re told and much more difficult to look at the big picture.

When something feels good or makes us feel good the desire to look deeper is not very strong.

We’re back in Oregon starting a year long project called “The Truth About Timber”.

For decades the narrative has not kept up with the facts and if something isn’t done to get the real story out the industry and all those who work in it or benefit from it (which is you) will be in serious trouble.

We’re starting our story at a mill near Astoria, Oregon.

Decades ago the industry didn’t pay much attention to waste and some still spread that narrative as they paint the industry into something it is not.

I cannot believe how frugal they are using everything from that tree to produce wood products you and I could not live without.

But our series will also focus on the hard working people in this industry. People who care about what they do and how they do it.

Sometimes the environmental community paints these folks as those who destroy the land when nothing is farther from the truth.

These folks care about this land, the animals, the ground, because it’s their backyard.

We will also be looking at the rural communities that surround these areas and are centered around the wood products industry.

What is decided by lawmakers, some who have no idea what the industry is about, is destroying the fabric of these people’s lives.

Folks who live in the more urban area’s and who don’t see the connection between wood products and their own lives, get wrapped up in a narrative that is simply not true.

Today I’m heading out to the woods with a logger whose life story is so interesting.

Despite what some might think Oregon is still a huge producer of Timber and we should be glad. We need wood to build homes for people. Wood is the most sustainable building product and also a great carbon storage system developed by mother nature and overlooked by so many.

I’m excited to see where this goes.

Hold on as we challenge the narrative in our search for the truth….board by board.

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Apr 05, 2023

I grew up in a timber/wood products family. My father once told me there are many truths about timber-most are complicated. I’m looking forward…

Rick Dancer
Rick Dancer
May 01, 2023
Replying to



I am looking forward to what you uncover and let the truth be known. - M

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