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Beware When Issues Become A Religion.

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Beware of Hooks and Nets

Culture is like a giant river.

It’s like a rushing wall of water heading in one direction.

There are boulders and tree’s that can catch you up and trip you.

But if you stay on your back with your eyes looking up, you can pass through the roughest of waters.

Culture hates, yes hates, anyone who tries to swim upstream.

If you don’t buy into the current BS by asking hard questions, the rushing water pushes as it tries to drown you.

It is easy to be a downriver swimming.

It takes little intelligence and most everyone likes you.

You don’t have to work hard in fact you don’t have to think or do anything at all.

You just float along as others push you here and there.

In these modern times we live in the stream is called progressive, I call it regressive.

The water is made up of people who claim to be compassionate but their compassion is only as strong as their desire to be in the crowd and liked.

The rocks and downed tree’s set out to trap us are issues like climate, trans, the use of pronouns, virtue signaling, racism and so on.

Are these issues important, sure they are, but so are many others and when an issue becomes like a religion you know it’s gone too far.

When an issue blocks out all discussion there’s a reason it’s followers push so hard.

It’s almost like the activist types are hanging on boulders, with nets, waiting to grab those of us who disagree with them, as we power our way upstream.

Here’s the problem or should I say their problem.

Too many of us have stopped floating and starting swimming up stream.

We see the damage their policies are doing to the poor.

We see the hypocrisy of their message and failure to look to real answers and instead they wish to boost their image as someone who see’s the light.

They scream “Deniers” when we are anything but, but we are people who can put things in perspective rather than overreact.

Well their “Light” is actually darkness and a spotlight is shining on them as we speak.

For my fellow upstream swimmers, stay clear of the rocks and understand the net and fishing line they cast will only catch you if you get too close and focus on them rather than the truth.

Also remember the stream is big and as they scream to you from the banks and shore “the sky is falling” pay attention to their tone and techniques. If it feels wrong, that’s because it is.

There are answers and alternatives but like any religion, when they push just theirs, you know you have a problem.

Do your own research and stop reading headlines and op-ed pieces written with bias and false virtue.

There will be days you feel you are drowning.

There will be days you pay too much attention and get caught in their net or scratched up by their barred hook.

But remember…..

In the end truth wins.

I know some of you disagree with me.

That’s fine.

Your comments are welcome.

But if there is a hook attached, you won’t see me biting.

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2 Timothy 3 has some things to say about the kind of folks you are talking about and how we are to respond. Thanks for the thoughts to ponder. - M

Aug 15, 2023
Replying to

Yes. Those words are echoed in 1 Timothy 6:17, warning the arrogant rich and commanding them to do good and share.

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