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Before I Die?

Before I Die

In White Salmon Washington, located in the heart of downtown, is this kiosk chalkboard, with the words “Before I Die” and pieces of chalk.

As you walk by you can’t help but read the thoughts and hopes of nameless passersby.

If you are in the mood their words might cause you to think beyond the here and now.

We watched most people stop and read and about half of those took the time to anonymously give a little bit of their soul to the chalk.

I love this idea and hope to incorporate it into my life on a daily basis.

What if each day as we rise from our slumber, we think about what it is on that day we will choose to do “before we die?”

Everyday it can change. It doesn’t have to be monumental just meaningful.

It doesn’t have to be life changing but life focused.

I’m not a guy big on creating paths and goals to follow but to set a daily purpose to be different today than I was yesterday? Yeh, I can get into that.

So tell me, from behind the keyboard what is one thing you want to experience or do “Before you die?”

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