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Bad Faith Videos? The New Russian Collusion (LOL)

Bad Faith Videos? The New Legacy Lie

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It just doesn’t stop.

In 2016 we had Russian Collusion and the Hunter Laptop.

Remember how one was pushed by the media as true and the other “misinformation.”

Turns out the legacy media wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked them in the face and misinformation is what they spread best.

Russian collusion, they now know, was a hoax and Hunters laptop real.

So now  the White House and the Biden support wagon has the new spin called “Bad Faith Videos.”

What blows me away is most of us watching the video come up with the same conclusion as the so-called right wing media….the emperor has no clothes.

Remember that document that indicated Biden and his classified documents case (oops) would not be tried because….basically he’s not fit to be in front of a jury?

Yeh, and they wonder why we see these so-called-bad faith videos and scratch our heads and know they are true.

It’s almost laughable.

It makes you wonder How stupid do these political types and the left leaning media think we are?

I know some will fall for it, they already have and continue to recirculate the lies.

As I look out over the country I wonder that a sea of people are not scratching their heads saying “Bad Faith Videos, how foolish do you think we really are?”

The sad truth is they don’t give you or me much credit for our intelligence.

That’s what elites do.

Their arrogance keeps their heads in the clouds so they never really understand what’s going on with regular folks like you and me.

I don’t think this is gonna fly with most voters.

Sure, those who backed Biden can’t turn on him now or they’d have to admit all the lies they’ve been fooled by and been a part of.

So you put on your rose colored glasses, bite the bullet, feed off the bottle of sour milk, plug your nose and swallow.

Not you and me.

We are done.

I heard the new Biden ad on the radio today.

He spends a lot of time talking about his opponents court issues, which most Americans understand, are politically motivated.

But what stands out the most is he speaks of nothing to explain the failed economy, the disastrous border and what he plans to do about it….nothing.

No message of a better America or hope just picking on his opponent which tells me he’s got nothing else to brag about.

So listen carefully my friends, not to the political pundits or the legacy media, but to that place inside you that screams “something is not right here.”

Listen to that voice and if it seems something isn’t lining up, pay attention.

We live in interesting times when truth has little meaning to those with big heads and power hungry souls.

Bad Faith Videos…..the 2024 version of Russian Collusion and that darn laptop……Fool you once shame on them but twice and three times….that’s on you.

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Jun 20

Even the press from England and Japan and many points in between are talking about Biden and his medical and mental issues. I guess everyone around the world is just wrong and what we see with our own eyes is just an illusion. I find it totally ridiculous that people think that the Russians are interfering in the election to help Trump. He is the last guy they want in the White House when we have a President now who supports Russia. Remember that it was BIDEN who said that a "minor incursion into Ukraine" would not result in any action from the US. Well, how many innocent Ukrainians have died since that war began?? One is too many.…

Replying to

This is one on the most absurd posts I've seen here that isn't penned by Mr. Dancer.

Everything in it is from Earth Two and nothing but Republican Projection...


This is why I love this blog. Rick literally two weeks ago recirculated a "Bad Faith Video", and an embarrassingly fake one at that, as truth and now he wants to educate us on how to not be deceived and avoid misinformation.

He then whines about Biden "just picking on his opponent" because, you know, the other guy hasn't defined his entire political career, and his current campaign, by that kind of behavior.

It's all great. Keep up the... work.


Russian collusion was not a "hoax" (and the Russias are doing it again).

Biden's economy is not a "failed economy" (far from it).

When I met you Mr. Dancer, you seemed to be an intelligent human being. What the hell happened to you and why are you spreading so many lies?

Replying to

Yes, it shocks and disappoints me. Mr. Dancer was a fabulous TV Newsman, back in the day.

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