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Are Voters Giving Up?

Are Voters Giving Up?

I keep seeing posts on social media talking about a low voter turnout in Oregon.

So I went to the Secretary of States website and sure enough, only 53.10% of the active registered voters in Oregon showed up to vote.

In Clackamas County 41.94% cast a ballot.

Douglas County only 46.45% bothered to vote.

In places like Grant County 73.52% voted.

Washington County only 42.75% bothered to show up.

What in the Hell is happening Oregon? Wait, it’s not just Oregon?

In Montana turnout was just over 60%.

In the small rural Oregon counties, where people’s vote hardly matters, they turn out and in the areas with the greatest numbers and power, few bother to vote.

In many parts of the country people still have to actually show up at a polling place to vote. I guess they have an excuse.

In Oregon the damn ballot is delivered to your door.

What this tells me is people are giving up.

Those with a D in front of their name understand they’re gonna win no matter what so why bother.

I wonder that many Republicans, especially in Dark Blue States like Oregon, feel defeated, voiceless and just sit it out.

I’m sure those in charge, at least on the D side don’t care. Your lack of involvement gives them more power.

As much as they say they want you to vote, they benefit when you don’t.

There is a huge disconnect between the political machine and the people.

Oregon has some ridiculous ballot measures, that are passing, that on the outside tickle the emotions but dig a little and you discover it’s bullshit and won’t do a thing.

Authors of ballot measures know us better than we know ourselves.

They know if they can make you feel like a good person or voting for X, Y, or Z, you will.

Example? Oregon is becoming infamous for stupid ballot measures that fail and cost taxpayers tons of money with no results (remember measure 110?)

The most valuable commodity in the world today is trust and credibility.

What the politicians can’t understand is they can’t buy trust…you earn it and most fail miserably in this area.

People long for truth but fail to find much of it coming out of Salem or this nations screwed up, partisan, ineffective political system.

It’s shocking to me, with so much riding on this last election, that just over half those eligible to vote, bothered to do so.

My concern is Americans are giving up on the process because they don’t trust it. You only have so much time why spend it fighting over ridiculous shit that never changes and keeps passing.

But as I look over the numbers more carefully my mind begins to change a bit.

I always thought if you get people to participate the world, nation and community would be a better place.

But what if these folks who aren’t showing up aren’t giving up they just understand our political system is not based in reality.

Maybe they just don’t want to feed the bears because that only plays into their game?

When I started writing this blog my intent was to encourage people to get more involved. But as I read more and dig deeper, I wonder that a bit of separation from “insanity’ is not warranted. I heard a non political discussion on a podcast that actually said the current political ideology in control is not based in reality and this psychologist called it mentally unstable.

I wonder if people see that the system is so out of touch they refuse to even acknowledge the craziness?

I wonder if there is another way to make change.

Maybe politics has worked itself out of a job.

Maybe people don’t care and so called “leaders” really aren’t leading anyone but those who still want to feed the machine.

The political system is a mess and for most of us so corrupt we will never trust it or those who come out of it again.

Maybe change starts in our homes, our neighborhoods and our communities? Perhaps we give too much attention to those placed in leadership? Maybe it’s time to stop feeding the bears? You know, stop paying attention to the “Crazies” and start doing the right thing, just because it’s the right thing.

We don’t have to listen to them you know.

Last night on our Get Real Show, Bill Lundun from KPNW said”what would happen if everyone just voted yes on all these crazy laws which will eventually drive the state into bankruptcy? You know, crash and burn and start over?

I’m not sure that’s a good idea and I think Bill was just making a point.

But maybe those who refuse to pay attention to the noisemakers are onto something?

I don’t know but what is happening right now is not sustainable and is headed for disaster.

And enough voters in places like Oregon are willing to keep feeding the machine are you?

I’m processing my thoughts and right now I don’t know what I think.

But if we don’t do something different I’m concerned we may crash and burn, and perhaps that would be a good thing, I really don’t know.

I’d love to hear your thoughts?

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