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Are People Stuck? ITS OVER

A New Year, Time To Move On

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It feels like a lot of people are stuck. Stuck in a failed political system, stuck in the pandemic, and still trying to cancel people for not agreeing with them.

It’s over people.

There are new challenges and it’s time to let the old ones die. It’s over. Can you repeat that over and over in your head?

Perhaps we each need to wake up in the morning and throw the clutter of the past two years far behind us.


It amazes me or I should say shocks me how much some people just can’t seem to push forward. A friend told me back in Oregon he’s seeing lots of masks again. I had someone write me concerned about doing a show with me on a cool project that has nothing to do with politics but this person is concerned to be seen with me might make people think they are taking a side.

A Side?

A Side?

Because I ask questions about a narrative that doesn’t add up I’m on a side? Bullshit.

All over the internet intelligent people, doctors, scientists are asking questions because the narrative doesn’t add up.

Listen, new information is coming out and if some of you simply want to right it off as fake news or conspiracy theory, fine. But many of us have question, lots of questions and we will not be silenced by those who refuse to open their minds and ask “why don’t things add up?”

I heard a renowned scientist online questioning those who claim to follow science. He said science is all about questioning everything, arguing about answers and trying to find the truth.

He said what folks claiming to be answers based on science are just bullies trying to control the conversation.

Something really awful happened to us and we need to know why. Why? so it doesn’t happen again, that’s why.

Weak leaders understand division is power and oh how they have turned us against one another and we’ve fallen for it, hook, line and sinker.

No more. It’s time to wake up and change the narrative.

Truth and digging are the only way to loosen the grip of being stuck.

There are so many important issues impacting peoples lives that can be changed, but we keep listening to the manipulators and letting them decide which stories matter and defining culture with headlines that should in the archives not the front page in the news cycle.

It’s over.

Time to put away the labels and start asking more questions.

The truth sets us free.

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