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America's Weakness Is Showing

Our Weakness Is Showing

America has lost its edge and the world sees it.

I listen to a lot of podcasts and programing and right now if you are up to speed on the situation with China and Russia you have to be wondering whether we aren’t on the edge of a third world war.

Our enemies smell weakness and right now the United States stinks to high heaven.

Our national dialogue is consumed by social issues and ignores our open borders and our failing leadership.

Our nation is so divided and there’s no sign of that getting any better.

We can’t get people to go back to work.

Our schools focus on gender issues while our educational report card is in the toilet.

I’m sure they’ve noticed how culturally being ashamed of our country is the thing to do and sticking up for it makes you a MAGA.

We rip down our history, ignore our constitution as some even push for a great reset, meaning destruction of the place they live failing to understand how good they have it.

I notice they aren’t leaving, just dragging us down with them.

Yes, I believe we are ripe for catastrophe and we can’t blame anyone but ourselves, no not even Trump this time.

This one is on us.

Comfort intoxicated our thoughts.

We ignored the signs.

We elected people, not because we thought they could lead us but out of fear.

Oh, and how many didn’t even vote?

We’ve allowed our elections system, our DOJ and the FBI to be questionable at best and then wonder why China is flexing its muscle as our leaders try to fight back with empty words.

And now here we are.

I do have hope we can change this but it’s not going to happen under this administration.

We can be a great nation when we stop censorship and allow freedom to not be the new “F” word.

It’s sad, really sad.

This is a great country, or at least still can be, but people need to toughen up and be grateful for what we have and if not, as Arron Lewis says in his song “Am I the only one”, “if you don’t like it there’s the “f-ing door.”

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1 Comment

Feb 22, 2023

I agree we should be grateful for what we have. We are not ukraine, being invaded by Russia. We are not China, under a different kind of dictatorship than Russia. We should be grateful we no longer have a president who sends hate tweets regularly. Despite church shootings and arsons, we have freedom of expression and religion more than most places. Biden is not perfect. (Inflation response too slow) He has rallied the West against Putin, worked for infrastructure improvements, encouraged chip manufacturing at home, condemned business junk fees that take money from our pockets. I don’t agree that his leadership is failing. We are going in the wrong direction in two areas for sure: 40,000 plus gun deaths an…

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