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America On The Rebound

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So Thankful For This Country

I hear people talk of all that’s wrong with this country and wonder why they stay?

I also wonder if it’s such a horrible place why do so many want to come here?

You can point to the land of opportunity, because it still is if you are willing to work hard and not expect someone else to hand you anything.

If you expect a government handout, unfortunately you’ll get it but those dollars come with zero long term opportunity.

Our forefathers and mothers came here to escape tyranny and find freedom.

Today, a segment of the population that claims to be progressives seems to find safety under the heavy hand of government.

Freedom isn’t easy to get and even harder to keep. For some reason humans tend to like kings, leaders and rulers.

People have this deep seated desire to have someone take care of them.

Add a little fear and some strong messaging and you’ve got the recipe for tyranny.

God didn’t intend on us to have kings or presidents.

That was to be His position in the life of His creation but we as humankind rejected that notion so He gave us Kings and it’s been a downward slope ever since.

We were created to be free. Yes, free to do business with who we choose, free to worship as we wish, free to live equally in a society and free to love as we wish.There are consequences for our decision, good and bad, but we are free to make mistakes as well.

What we are NOT free to do is force others to agree with us, bully them until they do, or force our beliefs on other people.

The past couple years really tested us and we failed miserably.

First we allowed fear to take over and gave leaders permission to use that fear, and they did, to control us.

Look what we did? It’s like something out of a movie script.

Freedom became the new “F” word and to use it brought scorn, labels and shunning from those who sided and fell victim to the cultural narrative.

Now slowly those freedoms are starting to return. Oh, the throttling of content speaking of such things is still going on and there are those who will read this and write me off, again, as some right wing Trump loving hater. Calling names is a cheep and easy way to discount people without truth.

But no one is listening to that garbage anymore, no one but those who are stuck in the tired message that is starting to turn on itself.

This 4th of July I am so thankful for this great country. I honor the men and women who came before us, fought for freedom and risked everything to set us free. Is it a perfect history, no but it’s one that can and is being perfected each day by ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

We hear terms like equity and fairness misused in an attempt to push a message that is not only inaccurate but untrue.

The biggest threat to our Freedom is us.

Our tendency towards apathy and the desire for someone to take care of us and tell us what to do, will certainly be the death of us.

So, if that be true, let’s stop it now.

All over this great country, at rodeo’s and parades, town squares and family picnics American’s will celebrate the birth of a nation.

It’s a nation unlike any other on the planet. And while some will still complain, I don’t see them leaving to find a better place which should say a lot.

Proud to be an American? You bet I am.

Oh, and hold on because the next chapter in our history will be a nail-biter.

Happy 4th everyone.

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