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America Is Coming Back!

America, We’re Coming Back!

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I’m noting a slight trend and I’m excited to see America is waking up.

Polls show it.

Research shows it.

And you show it.

I find that people who disagree with me get meaner when facts start being talked about in the public.

As censorship lets up, because the facts force it, facts surface and we learn what’s really going on.

The public is turning on the system and those, who used to be against the system, but now cuddle up with it, are scared.

For too long we tried to play nice but we see where nice got us and it’s not good.

I just read a post from a woman who was talking about the sticker shock she experienced after a trip to the grocery store.

Yeh our president and both his supporters try to tell us inflation is coming down.

When you listen to the experts talk about what the real numbers show and look at your savings account you know who is lying.

The people who love woke are starting to turn on each other which is another sign of destruction.

They are hammering Biden and the former house speaker of the term “Illegal” and could care less that the president said the victims name wrong.

How sick is that?

Politically correct language, for them, is more important than getting the name right of a victim of sexual violence and murder. SICK

Don’t get freaked out when they scratch and claw, it’s what happens when truth leaks out.

Continue to do your research, take care of your communities and your family and speak up when something doesn’t make sense.

This is the hard part but we’ve hurdled a hill and resistance is proof we’re making headway.

There are a lot of great Americans out there who are ready to stand up and say enough.

America, we’re coming back.

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3 comentarios

I agree. America is coming back. Since Biden was elected!

employment is up. Inflation has slowed-though still too high, I agree. And it is lower than most of our peer nations in the West.

You , "facts start being talked about," but your column is usually a 'fact-free zone.' You offer interesting and strong opinions but rarely supply data or sources of data. This reminds me of a chat I had with a newspaper editor once who wrote a strongly worded editorial about a school topic. I challenged him for the facts to support his opinion. He said he did not need facts since editorials are opinions. (You, Rick, are sounding like traditional media.)

As for censorship letting up, the…

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Contestando a


Sounds like (and is) PROJECTION on Rick D's part, once again...

Oh and what about that Hunter Biden and Joe Biden's "Impeachment?" Seems all of the reThuglicans' "proof" was given my Rusdian operatives. Why are we not surprised?

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10 mar

What is sad is that food and fuel are not included in the inflation rate. Just more deception from the federal government. One of the lies that Biden told during the STOU was that companies were putting less product in packages and charging the same amount. Actually, they have actually been reducing the product AND package size for many years. It is not a situation where they put 5 ounces in a six ounce bag. That would be a violation of federal law. Yes, they charge the same price for smaller packages but with increases in fuel, labor, supplies, etc., no one can stay in business by selling the same amount of product at the same price as th…

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