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A Storm is Brewing

The Great Storm

Sitting in my home in Montana, wind blowing, rain pounding windows and plants in the yard bowing to the pressure of the huge gusts, I’m at peace.

I scroll through my feeds and see more ridiculous measures on the Oregon ballot, scratch my head and say when does it end.

A political storm is sweeping the country that is mislabeled a “red wave.”

I think it’s more a middle finger, not directed at one party but at an ideology that is destroying America.

People are angry and rightly so.

It takes a lot, too much really, to get people to stand up and fight.

But then we’ve been held hostage to stupidity for a long time and the time to pushback is long overdue.

So we push.

Someone sent me a picture from a news item on television saying Montana is the most patriotic state in the country.

I don’t know who determines these things and I doubt it’s right but inside I smile.

On my reels this morning, Steven Tyler from Aerosmith, sings “Dream On’ and for some reasons I pay attention to the lyrics that scream out…”Every time I look in the mirror, all these lines on my face seem clearer, the past is gone.”

The past is gone.

Storms come in to clean things out.

They blow off garbage and debris that has collected making it harder to live.

The lines on our face tell a story.

People use wrinkle creams and skin revitalizes in an effort to hide the past but all it does is diminish the story.

So bring it on God.

Hunker down my friends.

Stupidity, arrogance and hypocrisy are going to fight to the bitter end to hang on.

But the storm is coming.

Oh, and it won’t end on election day, but it will create a new beginning.

So remember how we got here and who got us here.

And when they talk about suffering remind yourself, they caused it.

But we, through a single vote, have the opportunity to not only give them a wave of disapproval but a middle finger to go with it.

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Nov 05, 2022

What's the middle finger for? Overspending your tax dollars...Gas prices...Jab mandates? I mean it is going red for a reason---because off the crap hole we are in since Biden got in. I know you can't admit it bc you don't want to identify yourself as someone who could ever support Trump or his policies but we were a safer country who could afford to fill our tank and live and did not have a President who was forcing jab mandates on us. Now we were being pulled into WW3, are being threatened by North Korea and are begging for Oil from other countries when we have plenty here at home. Biden has embarrassed us on the World stage and it's…


Nov 05, 2022

Yes, people are angry. At lies told by extremists and insurrectionists about "election theft" and "replacement myths." They are mad about an ideology that supposedly supports freedom but has actually worked to shut down freedom for many, including pregnant women, the books kids and families can read in libraries, and the freedom to send kids to schools or parades without the fear of automatic weapons fire from dangerous young men.


I agree whole heartedly!

This morning I was reading the WSJ opinion page, many were lamenting the coming political changes as more of the same, rushing to the other extreme. They discussed how the losers were going to respond to next week's election choices and predicting similar results as have happened in the past.

I don't agree with them.

I think that the voters are getting smarter and are not as easily played by the media as we have been historically. We see that too often we have shitty choices on both sides and chose what we feel is the least bad.

This is getting really old and hopefully instills people to pay more attention rather than wait until we…

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