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A Sobering Reality

A Sobering Reality

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A friends post on Facebook stopped me in my tracks.

She was talking about how the world seems to be moving to the political right and how shocked she was to see such a thing.

Her comment section is filled with others who agree and truly believe, from what they said, America is headed in the right direction under current leadership.

I know we all have a bias and think our position is the correct one.

I get it that some line up with side A and some with side B.

I read through some of the “so-called facts” they were pushing and scratch my head.

Each and every fact they put out there I can show them the opposite.

It’s two groups of people, looking at the same world, but seeing completely different outcomes.

How is that possible?

I have my theories but to mention them would expose my bias and give them a chance to counter with the information they see as factual.

Then it all turns into a babbling bullshit session that I have no energy to be part of.

Is there a blindness that covers our nation?

I hear folks talk about their truth and wonder what happened to “The Truth.”

I didn’t know each of us got to decide what is true based on what we think.

Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Something will change in November.

But when you get outside your camp and see what the other camp truly believes, it’s hard not to imagine chaos will be the result no matter who wins.

I wonder what the situation would look like with out social media tweaking the algorithm?

As a former journalist I can’t help but question how much the left leaning bias of the organization I once worked in is shaping the conversation by deciding what it believes to be true is true?

I worked there. I watched it and back then it was mild compared to today. But it was there.

In the end we each have to decide how this thing is going to go.

Not participating is a bad idea.

Being silent is like waving a white flag and giving up.

But for goodness sake do your homework and if what you hear doesn’t line up with the reality of what you experience or see, ASK THE DAMN QUESTION.

We all have our blind spots but not all of us are blinded.

Hate blind us more.

Ask yourself am I truly open to what others are saying and am I willing to change?

But the best thing we all can do is pray.

Not that your side wins but that God’s will will be done and that we have the strength to live with His decision or the decision He allows to prevail.

Remember, He knows the truth and has a plan.

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1 Comment

Ask 6 witnesses to an auto accident what they saw and you're going to get 6 various eye witness accounts. That's the human thing. We see what we want to see.

Blindness and lies are from Satan. Seeing and truth are from God. Want truth, knowledge and wisdom, then get into God's word. Want Satan's lies, then listen to the "wisdom"of the media, government and other lost souls of this world. Freedom of choice folks, it really that simple. - M

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