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A Sad Day For Americans

A Sad Day For America

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I didn’t know what to expect of the first Presidential debate of the 2024 election season.

It was one of the saddest things I’ve watched unravel in years.

From the minute Biden showed up on the stage you knew something wasn’t right.

And from there it worsened to the point it was like watching a car accident.

You wanted to turn your eyes and not look but it was unfolding right there in front of millions of people.

The demise of our president.

The Democrats have to know it’s over for this guy.

We’ll watch as some make excuses and many will still blame Trump who did a great job of being pretty kind while pointing out the obvious mistakes of his opponent. (my opinion and yes I get one or two)

It was embarrassing for many of us to watch.

The United States used to be a super power.

Other countries feared us and the world was closer to peace than it is now.

Bidens performance is a great example of what happens when the two party system fails.

It’s obvious from what we watched last night this man is failing and his party and family should be ashamed for hiding it and allowing it to get this bad.

I feel sorry for Biden in some ways.

It was like watching elder abuse, you know, someone treating your great uncle badly when his mind is slipping away.

It’s also eyeopening to witness how much some people’s hate for one man, blinds them into ignoring the obvious because to face the truth forces them to accept some small bit of blame for the situation.

The Democrats have a mess on their hands.

But by manipulating the courts, the media and their followers, they created this mess and have no one to blame but themselves, not even Donald Trump.

I”m sure the world is in awe of what happened last night and I don’t mean in a good way.

We lost credibility on the world stage and showed our hand and our weakness.

Some of you will disagree with me and that is your right but please put the progressive playbook aside and stop making this personal. Your bullying and making it about me or Trump or MAGA Republicans just doesn’t work and gets us nowhere.

At some point we have to clean up the mess Biden made of our economy, our culture…all of it.

But for god sake it starts with assigning blame in the right direction.

And then working together to move forward.

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Biden has made mistakes but he has many successes. He is a decent man. DJT paid a porn star; has been convicted of sexual assault; cheated on his wives. Is this a man Christian people should support?

He did not build a wall as he promised. China did not pay for the tariffs as he promised. He betrayed his wives and us once and he’ll do it again.

Replying to

He didnt betray me. Biden on the other hand is a disaster and you know it. If you don't Jim I worry that you educated generations of children as a teacher and then principal. His performance the other night showed what many of us have seen for months if not longer. You and his other supporters refused to look and even shunned those of us who brought it up. Just like you did with COVID and we turned out to be right about that too.


Jun 28

You are right Rick, but then it's been pointed out for months, if not longer, only to be met with claims of 'Cheap Fakes' by the White House Staff and BS Media outlets. It smells like a set up. Ask yourself why would they risk this genie being let out the bottle on National TV? It's shameful and embarrassing but typical of this party which has shown unequivocally that they will use any means and anybody to achieve their mission of maintaining control of the power they currently possess.

Replying to

Please tell us what you mean by “use any means to …maintain control.”


I felt bad for Biden too in as much as he is for certain a pawn for others who are truly controlling America. You can fact-check everything he said that Trump presumably did and most of it has been debunked. BUT GOD! So here is my two cents in what I feel and sense: This was done on purpose to discredit Biden by his own party to bring someone in fresh, new, and younger. (still a pawn tho) Newsom? M. Obama? Whitmer? Watch and see. This was a wake up call to MANY people, one side or the other, to see that out of the two, Trump is the only one capable to hopefully set things straight again, but it…

Replying to

I felt bad for him too but he and his team brought this on. I feel more saddened for our country, half of which, got duped into voting for and still supporting this man who obviously cares only about himself not the nation.


Every single thing that Rick accuses the left of, he is guilty of in spades. It’s classic deflection. Just, absolutely pathetic. Just imagine, for one moment, if Biden were the convicted felon, and he’d cheated on his wife with a porn star, and lied everytime he opened his mouth. The Repugs would have a grand-mal seizure making fun of us. They have absolutely no self awareness. Unbelievable

Replying to

Biden is still going to win, because Trump is a lying sack of shit and a convicted criminal, and the majority of Americans see right though him. You’re wrong about everything, because you don’t read actual facts. You just listen to conspiracy theorists who never finished high school and don’t understand history. Much like yourself, they can’t even write a sentence that adheres to the rules of the English language. That alone is proof of your flawed ideas.


Biden has NOT made a mess of our economy. Typical Republican talking point (lies). Trump lied every time he opened his pie hole.

Yes, Biden had a bad night, but he is RESILIENT.

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