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A Question For God

Everybody Talks To God

Am I the only one who sometimes want to scream at God and say “WTH are we doing?”

Okay, I am.

Well, so be it.

I want to open my shows up to more conversations between people who disagree but in tip-toeing into the water, my attempt feels like a flop and my hope that any resolution can or will happen, non-existent.

I don’t think people want the truth.

They say we need to focus on facts but their facts are bias, flawed and viewed through blurry lenses. And they think the same of mine.

So, I went for a run this morning shirtless.

Yeh, it was a little cold at first but there’s something about being half naked, running in God’s creation that makes me come alive.

It opens me up to thoughts I don’t get very often.

One thought I have and it won't make some happy is this isn't going to get any better. I feel like we want to be near the ends but the COVID lie and all the diversion going on in D.C. is just the beginning.

At a recent conference I was told and I believe it, we were meant for this time....for a time such as this. We didn't ask for it but God has equipped us for it. Okay, so God....just a hint....what is it? What's going on?

I’m not ready to give up my faith, this is not a cry for help, at least not from people.

I just need clarity.

A vision of something bigger than the bullshit I see coming from the usual sources.

I need….God.

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Maybe the answer is not, why, when will it end, or how long God. Maybe it is, God seeking, who believes, trusts and have faith in him. Are you willing to sacrifice as he sacrificed his son for you. Are you willing to stand and support those who sacrificed a lot for your freedoms. (whistle blowers). Or, will you do as the people did to Jesus, turn their backs and walkaway (Juda). Maybe there is more to this than we expect. Gods plan is his plan not what we expect him to do. The outcome for you in a spiritual war is up to you.


Yes, you - and all of us - need God. He tells us in Jeremiah 29:13 that "you shall seek me, and find me, when you shall search for me with all your heart." That's a promise. He has never broken one. But the real key is that we as a nation will NOT see a true change unless we as a nation will do that seeking of God. The books of Kings in the Old Testament are full of examples...both Israel (the 10 tribes) and Judah (Judah and Benjamin) were eventually "destroyed" - taken into complete captivity and away from their homeland - because they declined to hark back to God's original law and seek Him with all …


Laura West Crowe
Laura West Crowe

I disagree it won’t get better. Just not going to be easy and will take time. Kotek is rated the least popular governor in the US and unless she pivots, Oregon will take even longer.


Wayne Gilbert
Wayne Gilbert

Covid lie?


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