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A Nation Fixated On The Blue Pill

Politicians Just Don’t Get It

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I’m disgusted with…….

I ran for public office in 2008 in Oregon so I have an understanding of what it takes to be a politician.

I watched the second hour of the Republican Debates and am still highly disappointed.

I didn’t hear a lot of ideas what I heard was lots of arguing, bragging and the use of the words I, me, my never a we.

These candidates are out of touch with what many of us are looking for.

Most of them came out punching in an effort to stay viable to the pundits and political players. I felt like I needed to plug my nose to avoid the stink of what was pouring out of my television screen.

But what they did, I think, was make themselves even more irrelevant.

I heard some good ideas but none worthy of printing on computer screen because once elected they probably won’t do what they said anyway.

I heard lots of blame but never a mention of the number of fingers pointing back at them as they raised one to this or that.

Not one of them impressed me.

For those on the “D” side who are excited about that, your candidate is no better, in fact he’s a joke. Your man is embroiled in a controversy that is just as horrible as the Republican’s main man but you just refuse to look at it and the media ignores it.

Polls show few of us are happy with the choices.

By the time November of 2024 rolls around most will jump to their side of the isle, plug their nose and vote.

If I were in my 20’s, 30’s or 40’s I’d be pretty apathetic watching our system turn into what it has become.

Apathy is a killer and no excuse but come on America, can’t we do any better than this?

What happened to our vision?

What happened to fairness and the importance of the truth?

We claim diversity but the best we can do is come up with two old white guys who appear to be the front runners.

I feel like I’m living in the matrix.

Rather than taking the Red Pill that exposes one to the reality and hard truth about the world we live in….America will swallow the blue pill to dull their minds, wipe away their shame and put them into a comfortable, deep sleep.

Just the way those in charge want them to be.

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