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A Lack of Faith

My Lack of Faith (Is The Bridge Falling Apart or coming back together)

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Authors Note: I love this sculpture because it’s meaning is left up to you. Is the bridge in the process of falling apart or is it coming back together?

What does your faith tell you?

One of casualties of the last few years, for me and many others is in our faith.

Oh, I believe there is a God and that He is in charge.

I even believe He has a plan.

I also believe we were each born for a time such as this.

I guess my loss of faith is actually in things I should not have placed my faith in.

I didn’t expect censorship in America.

I had faith that people would do the right thing and never force things on us for the sake of money and power. (I know, how blind can one be)

I had faith that people could smell BS and that they would rise above fear and work with each other to crush liars and manipulators.

So now I stand at the banks of the Red Sea waiting for God to touch or find someone to touch the edge of the water, parting the way for all of us to cross through this sea of despair.

In reading this morning I am reminded that faith is not seeing but believing.

Faith is not looking at the water with my head down and my soul tormented.

Faith is seeing the waters parting, even when it hasn’t happened ….yet.

The headlines, the social media bullshit and the politics are just too much on this Friday morning.

I need to get my head out of the mush and remember God has a plan and it’ working despite what I see and what I feel.

Faith is not a feeling.

Faith is an action.

And sometimes, well for me most of the time, faith is looking far beyond the headlines and reminding myself who the author is and how He operates.

(Smile) Now, where did I misplace that mustard seed? LOL

Have a good day.


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You know...."faith is the substance of THINGS HOPED FOR...the evidence of THINGS. NOT. SEEN." If you could see it, it isn't faith; it's already there. Good work, soldier. You're well on your way....just as are the rest of us who are dealing in and walking by faith. And our faith must not be misplaced: it must - MUST - be in our LORD, Jehovah, Jesus Christ, the One and ONLY True God and Creator!


I have faith in my Lord. The rest is up for grabs. - M

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