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A Desire For Depth (Finding Our Strength)

A Desire For Depth

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The world is changing and I think, just maybe, for the better.

The most popular podcaster in the world, Joe Rogan, holds our attention for three hours.

Jordan Peterson’s conversations are 90 minutes long.

People, especially young people, want meaningful conversations not thirty second sound bites.

We don’t want the media, politicians or anyone for that matter “telling us what to think” we want information, conversations so we can think for ourselves.

This is a troublesome change in a world that’s existed for decades under a controlled formula.

When I worked in the news business, we were told the audience had an 8th grade education level and we were to dumb everything down to make it listenable.

Yesterday I listened to Jordan Peterson’s newest podcast with a guy I’ve heard before. He’s a presidential candidate named Vivek Ramaswamy. The guy is super smart, made his own money and lines up with my beliefs about life and government perfectly.

He’s 39 years old is attracting a whole new voter. I find it interesting when people define the rules of how someone gets elected. Those rules always lead to the same thing, two old white men running for office.

Many of us believe the last three years ripped open a scar that many of us are not willing to let scab over. We see the corruption and sentences like “all politicians lie” and “that’s just the way the system works” don’t stand up any longer.

It makes me want to laugh and cry when I hear people argue over whether Trump is worse than Biden or vice-versa. Or better yet which party is more corrupt. Both are filled with bottom dwellers that we keep electing and wonder why our country and its people are in so much trouble.

We have a chance to change that.

I also listen to RFK Jr. on the Democrat side and find a man with guts, like his dad, and someone who is willing to challenge the system.

Two outsiders who actually give a damn about you and me and the country. Two men who actually believe tyranny is the big threat and apathy the killer of our nation.

The media, the mob and the swamp dwellers are already on the attack and those who follow in fear will stomp their feet and try to disqualify and nullify their candidacy.

But this is our country too and I believe there are more of us than there are of them, they just scream louder. They don’t get to decide for us who is or is not electable. We get to set a post covid standard for what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior.

Do your research. Stand up for something. Stop sucking off the nipple of the legacy media and find some long format meat to sink your teeth into.

Remember, the more we push the more they shove. But also remind yourself the harder the shove reveals the truth is on your side and that scares the Hell out of them.

Have a great weekend.

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Aug 20, 2023

We have been impressed with Vivek and are looking forward to the debate to learn more about his views. RFK Jr has made some great points but his stance on Abortion won't allow me to support him. Newscum is gearing up so he may be the appointed anointed one just like Fedderman and Biden were, regardless of the will of the people. I cannot remember a more important election in my lifetime..


I am leaning toward Vivek.i really like what he has to say. As for Biden....he has sold out America, lied at every turn, destroyed our economy, depleted our energy resources, depleated our military resources, and has made our borders non existent. We are more vulnerable to being overrun and defeated that at anytimr i can remember in my lifetime.

Rick Dancer
Rick Dancer
Aug 21, 2023
Replying to

Do you not pay attention? He said he had nothing to do with his son's business...LIE. That's just one. God, Wayne you really need to start looking for additional and alternate sources of information.


We are really impressed with Vivek. I like some of things that RFK Jr. says, but don't agree on Abortion.


Wayne Gilbert
Wayne Gilbert
Aug 19, 2023

"Many of us believe the last three years ripped open a scar that many of us are not willing to let scab over."

Biden and his administration started to heal the wounds that tRump and his ilk inflicted on America.

So what are you talking about, Rick?

Wayne Gilbert
Wayne Gilbert
Aug 22, 2023
Replying to

Projection. Republicans' only defense. But projection isn't a defense - it's a defense mechanism...

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