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A Day of Jihad? No Thank You

That Damn Head Wind

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I just haven’t been getting enough sleep lately.

I wake up, pee, grab a drink of water, and crawl back into bed.

I toss and turn as my mind is flooded with things I need to do, things I don’t know how to do and stuff that doesn’t matter.

Oh, I’ve tried all the breathing shit and relaxation junk but none of it works.

The next morning I wake and the wind is still pounding our house.

The weather station, yes we have our own weather station, tells me the gusts are 30 miles per hour.

I love to run and in Montana that’s much more challenging than it was in Oregon.

Last Winter I didn’t run much, this year I’m going to try to run unless the temperature is dangerously low.

Running helps me think more clearly

Running helps me leave the irritation with the world behind, even if just for 90 minutes.

Running is my Prosaic.

So, this morning I decided wind and rain wasn’t gonna keep me from “just doing it.”

So I did.

Holy crap, fortunately the ponds I run along have twists and turns that temporarily block some of the wind.

But there was one section where it was straight on blowing in my face, no mercy.

I finally made it to the halfway mark, 3.5 miles, turned around and that very wind that before was my obstacle was now my propeller.

I wonder if life isn’t a lot like that?

If we dig in and just push forward, will the forces that drive us back actually end up propelling us to the thing we are supposed to do?

The situation in the world is just damn depressing.

People are dying and some of the living seem to be dancing on their graves.

It makes me so angry I could scream.

Ignorance seems to find its way to the surface even during mass tragedy and moments you think anyone with a heart would understand.

But they don’t care and spew their toxic rhetoric from the hilltops and into the valleys.

If I think on it too long my mind wants to follow the Grizzlies into hibernation and not return until Spring.

I mentally curl up in my mind, close the doors to my soul and fumble for an imaginary blanket to wrap up in.

The headwind is pushing hard and like my run this morning I wait to get to the middle of it so I can turn and use the nasty power of it’s force to push me the other way.

And when I do, be warned, I will come with all the power I can muster, plus that headwind pushing me right into your line of sight.

Oh to those who do not feel for the dead.

Hamas, the terrorist thugs who murdered thousands of Israeli’s now call for a Friday the 13th Global Day of Jihad.

And the ignorant will follow because that’s what brainwashed ideologists do.

But the rest of us will pray for our world and those hated by the weak-minded thugs.

They can scream and yell drawing only the attention of others who have no critical thinking skills to speak of…no soul….nothing.

Sheep who follow the father of darkness and despair.

Whoa to the man or woman who can’t empathize past their politics and ideology to see tragedy and evil.

For them, I fear, the cross over to the dark side has already happened.

They have joined forces with evil.

And in the end we know who wins.

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As an aside, condemning the actions of Israel and more specifically, Netanyahu is not the same as being antisemitic. Same goes for condemning the actions of Hamas vs. the Palestinian people. There are many factors in this millennia long war over land. Don’t simplify it so much. It is not a simple matter.

Replying to

Answers like this get no reply. He can’t even deal with reality. Just drama and misinformation. He’s never had any civil discourse with me. I see through him. he’s just in this to get ratings, yet rarely breaks 100 views.


"A Day of Jihad" has not been called; there have been calls for protest, but this rhetoric is being pushed by the right to stir Islamophobia.

The violence that has occurred is disgusting and so is what is about to come; we don't need misinformed propagandists riling it up even worse. Maybe some 'Prosaic' is in order.

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No he’s not being civil.


Wayne Gilbert
Wayne Gilbert
Oct 13, 2023

Rick: I really do enjoy your posts (like this one) when they don't slam Biden, his administration, and the Democrats.

Wayne Gilbert
Wayne Gilbert
Oct 18, 2023
Replying to

Of course I disagree totally with this. Biden is doing a fantastic job, considering what mess Trump and his cronies left him. Not perfect, but more than enough to undo (and save us from) what the vile, despicable conman called tRump did to America (and the World).

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