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A Chill In The Air

A Chill In The Air

Fall is here.

Leaves are turning.

You walk into any store in Montana and talk about the weather people say “I’m not ready for Winter.”

The flowers I posted above hold on for dear life.

They must understand their time is coming.

To save themselves they must partially die, stay still for many months, and in the Spring find the courage to rise from near death.

I feel that same way, do you?

I’m not talking about the weather but our culture.

It doesn’t take much, it seems, to stir up a storm.

People aren’t used to being challenged or thinking about things outside their little world.

They are also not a custom to thinking about others and how their actions might impact the lives of those they don’t like.

There are days when it feels almost hopeless.

You wonder if the color in life will just die and refuse to come back in the Spring.

Nature is more dependable than human beings.

Cultures come and go.

The reason they go is because they get lazy, look for someone else to take care of them and allow “Mean” to manipulate them into submission.

So we look for the joy in the coming Winter.

We hunker down and see what comes.

We hold on understanding that in the Spring the color will return and what died over the Winter is ready for new growth, new things, new places and new beginnings.

Kathy and I are ready.

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