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A Brother's Love

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A Brother’s Love

There are people who step in and out of our lives that touch us in ways we cannot describe.

The young man in the video is one of those for me.

My spirit gets wrung out by headlines and lies, school shootings and manipulative people.

I tire of paying attention to the noise but know at some level you must or the world as we know it will disappear.

And then along comes a “Chase McCord.”

A 20 year old man who’s life is filled with drama, trauma and really hard moments and yet there is a light in this young man that can’t help but shine through.

I interviewed him this past Tuesday and didn’t really know his whole story when I hit the “Live” button on the podcast.

In one 50 minute podcast this guy opened up and let me and you in in ways most adult would never do.

So many people hide their bad shit.

Social media teaches us to push out the good and cover the bad moments….and we do.

The true nature of a relationship is depth and yet our culture focuses on scratching the surface not digging a hole on purpose.

The other day I met with a guy here in Townsend, Montana who I’ve only chatted with on the phone.

As we sat there drinking a Coors light from a bottle we went from the surface to a refreshing depth in 90 minutes.

We talked personal, real personal and as I walked away I hugged him and thanked him for opening up and in doing so allowing me to do the same.

What this man and Chase teach us is not just the value of relationships and trust but that the very thing we hope for, connection to people, happens when we drop the facade and talk about the hard stuff.

Like many of you, I’m so tired of fake people. You know, the ones who fill you with big words and ideas but when push comes to shove those words are just cotton candy ready to dissolve with the slightest bit of moisture.

Our culture is so fickle.

We don’t even know the truth anymore.

I told my wife this morning, right now the political types are in meetings looking for ways to manipulate the headlines of the day to push power, cover tracks and get their way not even caring about the right way.

Do yourself a favor on this Friday. Go to the link below and watch the entire interview with Chase McCord.

(Youtube @rickdancertv)

I’m a big believer in the power of story.

But not make believe, I don’t have time for that anymore.

I want real and so do you.

Perhaps it’s time we stop listening to the manufacture story “they” want us to hear and start hanging out with real people with problems and bad moments… know people like us.

Have a great weekend.

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1 comentario

In a social media computer driven world, it is difficult to find real anything let alone a real relationship. Remember the front porch facing the street of old and neighbors actually stopping by? How about the community dances, social events, county fairs and etc that brought us all together? They still exist in rural America, we just have to shut off the boob tube and the time sucking technology and get out there and get real. - M

Me gusta
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