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When Winter Sets In

When Winter Sets In

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Winter is just around the corner.

My friend Brian Miskimins is a former weatherman from KOIN TV in Portland and will start giving his weekly forecast for the region including Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana.

He says the turn is this weekend.

But a deeper freeze is coming November 8th.

If Fall is the time things die away, Winter is the season that insures they are dead.

It’s all part of the cycle of life making way for new growth in the Spring.

The same cycle works amongst mankind.

Things die, seasons of barrenness make sure they are dead, so that something new comes forth.

This election coming up is a big deal.

People are tired of being lied to.

We see policies and cultural “norms” that need to die so that something new can rise to the surface.

In humankind, we can’t leave it up to nature to weed out the good from the bad.

We each have a roll to play.

The November 8th election is pivotal.

There is talk of a Red Wave and I don’t know how much validity there is in that but I know a huge Rip Tide is coming.

Culture and the political idea of the moment pushed way too hard.

They saw a door open just a crack and pushed too far and now “We The People” are ready to slam that door shut.

Some of you disagree and that is your right.

But you told us there was a fence we couldn’t cross but we’ve learned the fence is a lie. If you won’t let us cross the fence we will take it down.

So we are about to make a real fence to put the brakes on some of your ideas that have proven to be ridiculous.

You took us in the wrong direction and “We The People” are taking back the wheel to steer us off this bumpy road and back to the highway of prosperity.

But “We The People” can’t leave it up to the person next door to drive the vehicle. We must all participate and don’t expect a reward from culture when the car is turned around.

Today is the last day to register to vote in Oregon, I’m not sure of the deadlines in other states.

Fall is here and the leaves (tide) are turning.

It’s up to us to make sure the winter is cold, cold enough to destroy what needs to be destroyed so that come Spring a new season restores what has been taken.

Tonight on our show Dr Patrick Moore, former president of Green Peace joins us to talk about forest management and what the environmental community got wrong. 5pm pacific time.

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