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We Found A Home

We walked in the door and it happened, Kathy and I looked at each other and said “This is it.” Our realtors Dawn and John (husband and wife) had a big smile on their faces and said: “You won’t believe this place” and we went for a ride. An hour ago the owner accepted our offer so now we start the process again. But there is something different this time around, more than something, many things.

The owner and his wife built the home. The workmanship is over the top and we accidentally met the owner and fell in love with the location, the house and the town of Townsend. The top floor of the home will be ours, the basement, three bedrooms, kitchen and laundry will be an airbnb for you and others to come visit.

If we had gotten the other house we would have had to dump more money into updating it, than we did paying for this one that is finished. We bid on one on the lake last week and it was beautiful, but something just didn’t feel right and as it turned out the bidding went far over our comfort level and we stopped.

This house we are buying, we saw online and knew it was special, but it is in a new area for us and that made us uncomfortable, until we had lunch at a local bakery, met some of the locals, and found out more about the area and the people.

We stepped in the door and knew right away, knew we’re gonna live here.

The owner recently lost his wife and you can tell this is/was their place and in a way there’s a reverence that goes with that. I feel like God has this all planned, planned for him and for us. What that looks like I don’t know I don’t have to understand instead we’ll just go with it.

The bumps and pitfalls are not over, this is life

and we’re old enough to know silver linings are something you have to look for and sometimes they’re not as shiny as you hope. :)

So, the inspection is ordered and we’re excited, more than we’ve been for anyplace we’ve seen. God is good, He knew all along, He had a plan and we are in His will.

Townsend, Montana….It has a nice ring to it.

We hope you’ll come visit.

More stories as we become more certain.

Remind me to tell you where he got the flooring, it will blow you away.

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