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Trying To Find Our Rhythm

Dare To Trust Him

For a guy with trust issues this statement is challenging to say the least.

“Dare to trust Him; dare to follow Him! And discover that the very forces which barred your progress and threatened your life, at His bidding become the materials of which an avenue is made to liberty.” --F. B. Meyer

This statement is proven over and over in my life and yet still when the “Forces which barred my Progress” arise my first reaction is to back off.

I don’t know if it’s age, experience or failing so much in my life that “one more time” doesn’t crush me. I don’t back down much anymore and find myself diving in, diving deep, knowing if I run out of breath, God will be there to resuscitate me.

Living away from everything we know and landing in a tiny town in Montana is challenging. (Townsend 2,200 people)

Everything is new.

There are just a handful of hangouts in town.

One grocery store.

We travel to Helena for a lot of things including our gym time.

For the first time in 25 years we have a yard to take care of.

I forgot how much I enjoy “a yard” and all the work that goes into it.

We know a handful of people but its an adjustment coming from a place where most people knew you to one where you are the new strangers.

People are open and welcoming so we know it’s just a matter of time, but right now we are alone…and that’s okay.

Getting involved will take time and effort.

We know and trust God wanted us here.

We never have second thoughts and love this place.

But we yet to find our rhythm.

Without rhythm one must work extra hard following the notes to this new song you are writing.

Rhythm is like the train track to keep the wheels moving in a direction.

For us there is something about clearing ones head, drastically changing your surroundings and being alone that creates a fresh start.

We needed this. We wanted this. It’s a gift from God but it’s equally a stretch and drops us in a wilderness where everything new is like a rebirth and the innocents of our new world like a breath of fresh air.

If there is a hidden chunk of wisdom gained so far it is when I dare to trust Him, life is bigger than my tiny world could offer.

I can’t wait to see what happens but I will have to….The Journey Continues.

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