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Time To Find The Truth About Timber

It’s Time You Get Involved in Climate

I think most of us are sick and tired of forest fires.

The smoke each summer has become regular when growing up I never remember this.

Hell, I don’t even remember it 15 years ago.

A lack of proper forest management is to blame.

Oh, the climate activists can point to global warming but their claims have little factual or scientific basis.

This is such a big problem we are producing a series of videos so we can tell “The Truth About Timber.”

We start in the woods with a logger who tells his story and expresses his concerns about the lack of true management of our forests.

There will be those who disagree but they’ve owned the conversation for decades.

We think it’s time you, the owners of the Federal Forests, understand the rest of the story.

And we will expose the holes to the current narrative that just doesn’t add up.

Here is a link to the story on our youtube channel.

Please let us know what you think.

Rick Dancer

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