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40 Years Ago We Married

40 Years Today (July 23 2023)

We meet 44 years ago. She was 17, I was 20.

She was quiet. I was loud.

The first time we ….I knew I was complete and would never turn back.

We’ve had our moments, times our union almost didn’t make it.

God covered us.

Commitment is not always romantic and is usually tested.

“In Love” isn’t always felt when a rocky hand is dealt.

We don’t live a dream we make one.

Rough edges over time rubbed smoother by friction, disagreement and compromise.

Today I sit here with a cup of coffee, at 64, wondering how many more minutes will we get ?

We never know.

So, we talk of pulling up roots again to be nomads.

What does that mean? We don’t know but we also don’t have to know.

Yesterday we flew down mountain trails on our bikes and I as watched her ride in front of me thought …. I never dreamed we be this bold, this brave and this beholden to each other.

God thank you for being our glue.

Thank you for giving us our time.

May I ask for more?

I’d like to grow very old with this wonderful woman.

In your name I pray.


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Wayne Gilbert
Wayne Gilbert




Congratulations to both of you!


Happy anniversary! T and I have been married 44 years. We have been at each other's side in work, business, play, faith and raising 7 kids ever since. We got married to be together and God has blessed our union. I concur, Rick, I pray T and I may gracefully age together until we are both called home. - M


I too have been blessed. I was 23 she was 36 we were told it would never work, yet here we are 45 and a half years later. Marriage is the hardest job you will ever have. For those who say it is a 50/50 proposition have already lost. Marriage takes 100% effort from both parties. Today people find it much easier to walk away rather than stay and work through your problems. When you work together to solve your problems it makes the good times so much better. The main thing is realizing you accept the person for who they are not what you want them to be or think you can make them. Another key is communica…

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