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Til Death Do We Part

Til Death Do We Part

The 85 year old singer at a bar we visited still misses his wife.

She died 12 years ago and as he stood at the bar talking with us on a break, it still hurts.

He doesn’t drink much but after talking with us a bit he decided to imbibe.

We told him it was our anniversary and I think it brought back memories for him.

He told story after story of their relationship.

He had a sad smile on his face as he spoke as if a part of him were not here to chime in or correct him.

This morning I thought of all Kathy and I did yesterday.

We hiked six miles to the top Big mountain had lunch at the top and ran four miles down.

We came back to our place, blew up the paddle boards and spent a few hours paddling around White Fish Lake.

We had champagne, a great dinner, had some intense conversation and shared time wrapped in each others arms.

One day one of us will be that 85 year old living life without the other.

He told us “you just go on, what choice do you have?”

He and his wife celebrated 47 years together.

The reality is you never know when those numbers end until it’s done.

Perhaps it’s time to live more seriously or perhaps a better word might be live like you mean it.

When it’s done so much won’t matter it’s the little things that will leak onto the paper as the story of our lives together is told by one.

Cheers to my partner.

Time to let some things die so something beautiful can take their place.

Memories are all that last so let’s go make crazy ones while we still can.

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