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They Crawl On Their Belly For A Reason

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Be Aware But Not Consumed

Running the ponds around Canyon Ferry Lake in Townsend Montana is my happy place. I put on a podcast, get educated by one of my favorite people who many on the regressive side of politics hate, and feel as free as a bird.

I get sucked into the environment, lulled by the sound of waves crashing along the shore and never tire of the bald eagles and pelicans soaring overhead.

But in my “zone” I am learning I must keep a certain awareness for danger.

I’ve seen snakes, damn big snakes and little ones too.

I understand “Rattle Snakes” are part of the group but as of yet have not seen one.

This morning I got an analogy from this experience that I share in the video above.

We must never focus on the serpent but always be aware of his existence.

We must lever allow the “Snakes” to keep us from our happy place or our assignment in life.

But we also need to be aware that the snakes are constantly trying to nip at our heels and take us down.

Snakes aren’t only in the wild they also fill the internet.

Those trying to discredit, expose, lie and cheat in an effort to shut you and me up.

What bothers the snakes most is when you continue to show up.

When you run your path despite knowing they may bite and the bite may sting, makes them angry.

Still, you show up each day and you run.

Staying aware of their presence is mandatory that and understanding consequences are handed out by God not by the snakes.

Oh, yeh, they can try to make your life miserable but that’s all in how you respond.

Be Award but don’t be afraid. We’ve seen what fear can do to an entire world.

Now, go run your trail.

PS They crawl on their belly for a reason and have been manipulators from the start.

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Used to be there were Democratic Progressives and Republican Progressives, so Wayne is right in a way… you can’t hardly find à progressive Republican today (Teddy Roosevelt was a proud progressive and Republican)

We should remember the progressives for bringing us the Vote for Women , the petition and referendum, direct election of senators, social security and more. If you think these are good for America let us know.


Wayne Gilbert
Wayne Gilbert


Rick: You call us (Democrats) snakes - we call ourselves Truthers. We don't allow your lies (and your Supreme Leader tRump's outrageous lies) to change our minds...


Meant to put my comments here not above about progressives…sorry.

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