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There Is No Off Limits

There Is No Off Limits

Why is it when you bring up real issues those who lean hard left deflect?

You know what I’m talking about.

I was listening to Joe Rogan interviewing Bill Maher the other day.

I like Bill.

He’s come out on the right side of many of today’s most pressing issues like woke, racism and the handling of the pandemic.

But when Rogan asked him about the trouble our current president is in he did the typical left response and deflected to how much worse Trump is than Biden.

I’m so done with this bullshit behavior.

When pressed by Rogan, Maher would have non of it.

He spat back with something like it’s not even comparable.

Hew went on and on about how crazy Trump is and what a criminal he is.

Well, if you look at the things coming out about the Biden’s one could say the same thing.

But no one asked about Trump he was asking about Biden.

No one asked him to compare.

Rogan asked a solid, legitimate question and he wouldn’t answer.

I’ve experienced this for decades. I’m not trying to pick on the left, people on the right do the same thing. But right now we’re not talking about the right we’re talking about Biden and the left. And, in my opinion the left uses deflection as a strategy and I’m tired of it.

I think that has to stop.

The rest of us need to push harder and when deflected by BS, call them out on it.

We have some serious problems with our current administration and if we don’t start talking about it we are in even more serious trouble.

Those of you who lean to the left and don’t want to talk about it, too bad, you get to.

Both candidates at the top of the heap, running for president, have some serious issues. But instead of lumping everyone together we can talk about them separately.

Everything wrong with Biden doesn’t have anything to do with Trump and vice-versa.

Deflection is a game and those playing it remind me of a husband and wife in marriage counseling where everything is the other persons fault.

This is America, there is no off limits.

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