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The Truth Emerges, Finally!

It’s Time To Ask More Questions

As a guy who spent his career as a journalist, asking questions is something I can’t control.

After watching what’s happened the past few years now I know why.

One of the more frustrating aspects of the reaction to “the C” was watching some people buy the message, ignore the bright red flags and simply fall in line.

What was more disturbing is really great people also sided with the idea if you don’t do as we believe to be true you are a bad person and need to be silenced. Culture ignored the warning signs, refused to look at the past and supported the silencing of questions that didn’t fit the popular fear induced narrative.

Now as information leaks out showing many of the questions we were asking needed to be asked, considered and looked into, the cancel culture is rather silent…..canceled itself by facts.

My teachers used to tell me there is no such thing as a stupid question.

Education, science and culture was based on asking questions.

Discussion and consideration of different ideas was the way we reached consensus and found the best way to live.

Fear is used to divide, control and conquer.

And boy did it work.

We will be living with the ramifications of not asking good questions and shutting down follow through, for years to come.

I hope what comes out of this is a return of the questioners.

I hope we learn why silence has its place but not when induced by fear of asking difficult questions.

If we learn from our mistakes, if we look at history and refuse to follow the pattern it lays, we can keep this from happening again.

But at the very least its time to start asking more questions.

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