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The Man Who Free's Slaves

The Man Who Free’s Slaves

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A friend of mine does a lot of work overseas but his latest project just blows me away.

In Pakistan, when people get into debt, they actually become slaves to those who lend them money to pay their bills.

A few years ago my friend Albert Roy learned if this horrible practice and started paying to free people. So far he's free close to 100 families.

He recently went to Pakistan to meet those whose freedom he purchased and to free more slaves. His stories are biblical in nature and will inspire you.

Albert has no debt. He understands the Bible well enough to know God does not want us in debt and yet, we live in an indebted culture. Debt is just part of building credit in our country, but what does God think on the matter?

As I listen to Albert talk of the kindness of the people of Pakistan I wonder how much does debt become the root of most of our problems in America today?

They also live in an honor verses shame society. They honor people, truth, righteousness and to do anything else would shame ones name and ones family.

In America shame is seen as a negative.

But how much of the problems we see right now are caused by a lack of shame and honor?

I encourage you to watch the interview. It will air at and on my Youtube @rickdancertv, Facebook and other social media outlets after 5pm tonight.

We also talk about a need to be more involved in the places we live. I really think this information is important and hope you give it a listen.

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1 Comment

Sep 21, 2023

Wonderful story. At home there is a group called RIP Medical debt that does similar. What a great way to help our fellow humans.

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