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Simple Things Matter

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Simple Things Matter

The other day we hiked Big Mountain in Whitefish Montana.

Along the way wildflowers greeted us around every corner.

While walking my mind wanders to all that has changed in the world since March 2020 and I’m saddened.

We lost time, relationships, careers, jobs but most important we lost trust.

I’ve never been the most trusting soul but now my BS meter works overtime listening as people rip each other to shreds over differences of opinion.

In the only the toughest flowers make it to full bloom.

They don’t coheres or bully each other for time or space.

The strong live the weak die….pretty basic stuff.

In the human world, it seems, manipulation prevails and winner takes all.

We used to, so it seems to me, find answers through disagreement and analyzation of facts.

That’s what made us smarter than plants…..we thought.

Nature is not a box. It has natural laws and those must be followed.

Man does not have a box but there used to be rules for engagement, kindness, order and thinking big picture not my way or the highway.

I watch the bullshit going on over Jason Aldeans’ song and scratch my head.

Critics find hints of racism and other isms, while I see it as a song defining small town life.

I wonder that those critics aren’t embarrassed because the song points out how nasty and unruly they were during a time we were supposed to be in lockdown “protecting” each other.

We learned the virus gave immunity to certain “woke” causes but no mercy for the rest of us.

I ask myself and God, what is this all about? Why does it just seem to get worse and you wanna know what I think? I think it will continue to get worse as dark lines are drawn dividing right from wrong, good from evil and lies from the truth.

In my mind I’m back on that mountain walking amongst the wildflowers and for a moment nature gives me hope.

There are seasons, definite seasons.

There’s a time to live, a time to thrive and a time to die.

Perhaps something in our culture needs to die.

I wonder if this is a judgement of sorts aimed at turning us away from the wrong direction and back to a place of good.

In nature the strong survive and the weak do not.

It’s pretty simple.

But to be strong means allowing your colors to blossom under difficult conditions.

God Help Us.

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