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Remote Gives Room To Think

The Remoteness Of Montana

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We weren’t going to get a tree this year but found out my youngest son and his girlfriend are coming over next weekend so thought we should put one up.

As a kid my family would drive to the local tree lot and pick out a tree.

When we raised our kids we’d often go to a tree farm and cut one down.

A few years we met neighbors and drove out in the wilderness to cut down the perfect tree.

Now it’s just the two of us and rather than pick one up in town (I really haven’t seen a tree lot in Montana yet) we picked up a permit for 5$ at the Forest Service office and drove about an hour from home to find a tree.

It was a beautiful sunny day but the wind was blowing and it was dang cold.

We planned to make a longer hike out of the day but it was just too cold.

What I love about Montana is the remoteness. We drove for miles and didn’t see one other person, not one.

You feel alone here and that can be both a positive and the opposite.

Our transition from Oregon to Montana is not easy.

We didn’t expect it would be, transitions are usually challenging.

Mistakes and missteps are part of the process but our intention is to pivot, make right what we can and never stop moving towards the dream. (even when the dream is yet refined)

A friend is trying to get me into meditation and I’m tiptoeing into it.

As I sat here this morning I cleared my mind and focused on one thing…”God is in this and won’t let us down.”

My mind is a scattered mess sometimes.

Thoughts twist and turn in my head, turning it off is not easy.

Montana helps order my thoughts.

Montana numbs the chaos to some degree and my soul longs for more.

As we age traditions and holiday cheer seem to lose their edge.

Oh, they are nice and bring back memories.

But we are on a mission to create new memories, new visions, new dreams.

The old sometimes feels like a trap, a step back, something to move on from.

As we drive through the rugged terrain I can’t help but think “I wonder what’s next? I wonder what’s over that next obstacle?”

The secret is staying calm while pushing forward.

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1 Comment

Your tree is very pretty. Merry Christmas.

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