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Lies Don't Fix Problems They Only Lead to MORE Fear

So Much Good In The World If We Look For It.

Yes is no and no is yes.

Up is down and down up.

Right is wrong and wrong is right.

Words have meaning and you can’t change that meaning to fit your narrative.

Technically that's a lie.

Lies don't fix problems they create more turmoil and fear.

Why would someone want to change the meaning of a word or lie about something?

If you can keep people frustrated, separated and confused, you stand a good chance of controlling them.

I hear talk of a cultural "Reset" but perhaps it's not the "Great Reset" planned to control but the opposite and we get to be a part of that from a Godly perspective.

Confusion blurs lines and makes fuzzy our vision.

People want to feel good.

Because to solve problems takes a lot more work.

If you can get enough people, to buy into and feel good about what you're trying to sell, BAM, you make the sale.

I was reading a friend of mines thoughts this morning and she reminded me that there are enough worries about today, I should not spend time concerned about tomorrow.

As my Rabbi in the book I'm reading says there is an evil inclination in humankind that is working to rip us apart.

The "Cut and Paste Warriors" of the internet have created almost their own religion centered around issues of the day. For them, if you are not with them you are against them and they use their "facts" that sound an awful lot like talking points or political speak to TRY and make their case.

That's fine, they have the right to their opinion but what they forget is so do we.

I'm done pretending and playing their game.

It's time for a strategy of loving kindness and goodness to smother the evil inclination with honey, dripping honey.

My Rabbi reminds me we are not fighting flesh and blood but we are in a battle for truth in a spiritual realm.

It's the evil inclination verses truth, kindness and goodness.

We must call out the lies and rest our head on the truth but how does one do so?

I'm trying to figure it out.

But I think a starting place is this.

The evil inclination hates goodness and truth so that seems like a great place to start.

Let's try something crazy, I mean really crazy.

What would happen if we continue to speak the truth and share stories of goodness at the same time?

We pay less attention to their meddling and more attention to those around us seeking truth.

It seems the best deflection from a blazing dart would be a story that disconnects you from the madness and reconnects you to the goodness of God.

The plan as I see it: The Evil Inclinations is out to divide and conquer and take us in a direction that will lead to more problems.

So let's come together as a force to resist.

We don't have to buy into a lie.

We don't have to pretend their truth is our truth.

Words will not convince, stop or satisfy the evil inclination.

It does not seek compromise it only wants to win.

Well, that's not the way this is going to work.

Moving forward lets tell stories of life, great people, amazing sacrifice and things like that remind us of our humanity.

The evil inclination hates such stories and wills us to focus on fear and what's wrong.

Bad stuff only sticks if we let it so, take charge and move forward together.

If you have any ideas to add I'd love to hear them.

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1 Comment

I like the logic in praying about every little thing. It takes a load off of your mind. Thanks! - M

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