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It May Just Be Your Haircut?

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What If You Took A Chance

When you stand up for what you believe the powers of darkness will come against you, that’s a fact.

There are going to be people who don’t like you, that’s just part of the game of life.

But don’t let those people or powers fence you in.

Don’t let them silence you or think there’s something wrong because most often times it’s their ignorance guiding them.

Last night we went into a local watering hole armed with our Farkle Game and a beer.

This local walks in with his girlfriend.

He’s probably my age.

He walks right in front of me, I say “How are you?” and the guy says nothing.

I mean he looks at me directly in the eye with a scowl and says nothing.

Kathy looks at me and says “did he really just do that?”

He and his woman were the only other people sitting in the room and at first it was super uncomfortable.

We started rolling our dice and playing our game and within minutes forgot they were there.

A few years ago, back when I was a news guy, I would have stewed over that interaction. I would have wondered what did I do wrong?

Post COVID, in the era where one presidential candidate is berated over his every move and the other excused for horrendous activity, I just don’t care anymore. “go Joe Bribe-em”

It takes guts and courage to stand up to the bullies.

You can’t allow other people to restrict or censor how you live.

Culture keeps erecting fake fences to define right and wrong, good and evil and what is culturally appropriate.

I say “Screw It.”

God already defined all of those things and facts show the folly of their fake religions and empty ideas.

People are stuck in their own narrative and much of it centers around arrogance and ignorance.

It is not for you to explain yourself to anyone.

As a great prophet once said “Shake off your sandals and move to the next thing.”

One of the funny things Kathy said following “Mr Rude” at the beer place was “it’s probably your haircut he doesn’t like.”

We laughed out loud.

Yes, the haters hate, not because we are wrong, it’s because we question or it may just be….our hair cuts.

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